5 TIPS for finding a Canadian Walleye Fishing Factory

If you’re awalleye fisherman there’s a good chance your dream trip is finding a Canadian lake where you can catch one walleye after another until your arms get sore. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself or heard stories about a lake so full of walleye that it’s a surprise when your jig actually makes it to […]

Crossing the Canadian Border

In a matter of weeks, fishermen from all over North America will begin their annual migration across the Canadian border like Atlantic salmon on a spawning run up the Miramichi River.  If you are one of these lucky anglers you’re practically intoxicated with a longing for the tug of a nice walleye, the power of […]

Fishulo Dedicated to Assisting Anglers and Hunters

I am very pleased to announce the launch of FISHULO on April 3, 2012. It started with a very simple concept…use our expertise in Canadian lodges and outfitters to assist anglers and hunters in choosing the right destination. With over 30-years experience working with Canada’s best fishing and hunting lodges and consumers planning those adventures, […]

Endless Choices

What makes planning a Canadian adventure so challenging is the incredible array of lodges and outfitters that are available. Choosing a Caribbean vacation is pretty simple; find a great sand beach, avoid hurricane season, book accommodations that fit your budget and you’re all set. If you’re a golfer, just look for a nice resort with […]

Let your Canadian Fishing Journey Begin!

My journey through the Canadian wilderness began in 1989, I was drawn by a desire for a better Canadian fishing experience than I could find at home.

Fishulo’s “Filosophy” – Canadian Lodges and Outfitters as varied as their Owners

Your challenge in seeking a Canadian adventure isn’t choosing a good destination; there are plenty of good places to visit. Your challenge is choosing the RIGHT place for YOUR adventure. At Fishulo, we know all the potential options, and once we understand your adventure goals we’ll find the perfect place. Most lodges and outfitters are […]