Fishulo’s “Filosophy” – Canadian Lodges and Outfitters as varied as their Owners

Joel and Rod on a fly-in Canadian Fishing AdventureYour challenge in seeking a Canadian adventure isn’t choosing a good destination; there are plenty of good places to visit. Your challenge is choosing the RIGHT place for YOUR adventure. At Fishulo, we know all the potential options, and once we understand your adventure goals we’ll find the perfect place.

Most lodges and outfitters are worthy of a visit – we know because we’ve been to over 500 – but only a few are a true match with your fishing or hunting goals. Some are extraordinary with exceptional fishing or hunting, accommodations, food and service. At Fishulo, we know which destinations are the best for your buck.

Even these destinations could use some paint here, or a new screen there, the generator might be louder than you imagined and the dock may not be level. But, we don’t think you’re going into the far reaches of the Canadian bush to visit a Cambria Suites. If you are willing to overlook slight shortcomings inherent in wilderness lodges and outfitters, we will take you to places you never dreamed of…here is just a small sampling of what you might find:

  • A place offering some of the best drive-in pike fishing in Ontario, built by two brothers who cleared off an island late one fall and built a gorgeous log lodge and cabins with their own two hands over the winter, all while living in a tent.
  • A do-it-yourself fly-in lodge run solely by a woman, where you can fish all day and fish all night. A place so clean the tool shed is as spotless as the kitchen and where the walleye will literally jump-in-the-boat.
  • Fly into a remote tent camp for a moose hunt with one of the world’s top archery guides. His passion runs so deep you’ll have to tell him to “shut up” so you can get some sleep.
  • A private island – including a beautiful 1940s log lodge and cabins – with your very own cook on a world-class smallmouth fishery…and the guides are tournament smallmouth anglers.
  • Imagine going up river so far you go back in time, 17 miles in fact, and the lodge you see has been hand built and hewn out of the boreal forest it sits on. It is a 4-star lodge without electricity or running water in your cabin and you may not even notice.
  • A meat and potatoes lodge where the Pike fishing is so good you almost become afraid to cast from all the violent strikes you’ve encountered of the trophy pike in it’s water.
  • A fly-in outpost over 100 miles from the nearest road, with a cabin nicer than your home and walleye fishing that should be called “walleye catching”.

When we worked for the All-Canada Show the first question anglers and hunters would ask is “where should I go?” My response was usually…”I know where I want to go, but I have no idea where you want to go.” That was an honest reply because every angler and hunter has a different idea of what makes for the perfect adventure.

At Fishulo we’ve devise a formula to answer your question. We’ll provide you an honest, unbiased answer to…where should I go? The process begins with our adventure match questionnaire which provides a baseline of your needs. We’ll make recommendations and together we’ll narrow the possibilities based on your input until the best possible match is made.

So submit your adventure match today and together we’ll plan a journey you’ll never forget.


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