Fishulo Dedicated to Assisting Anglers and Hunters

I am very pleased to announce the launch of FISHULO on April 3, 2012. It started with a very simple concept…use our expertise in Canadian lodges and outfitters to assist anglers and hunters in choosing the right destination. With over 30-years experience working with Canada’s best fishing and hunting lodges and consumers planning those adventures, […]

Ontario Offers Amazing Variety of Trophy Fishing

If I could only fish one province of Canada for the rest of my life…I’d have to choose Ontario. For starters, it hands down has the best smallmouth bass and muskie fishing in Canada and arguably in the world. The walleye fishing is amazing in sheer numbers of fish, especially in Northwest Ontario which is […]

Fishulo’s “Filosophy” – Canadian Lodges and Outfitters as varied as their Owners

Your challenge in seeking a Canadian adventure isn’t choosing a good destination; there are plenty of good places to visit. Your challenge is choosing the RIGHT place for YOUR adventure. At Fishulo, we know all the potential options, and once we understand your adventure goals we’ll find the perfect place. Most lodges and outfitters are […]