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Finding A Balance… Fishing Photography

How to Hold Your Catch for a Photo:   By: Fishing Expert – Craig Stapon Over the years there has been much debate about how to properly hold a fish for a picture. Some say big fish should never have a vertical shot, and others say the weight of the fish should be supported by […]

Rockin’ And Rollin’ in Northern Ontario

By: Gord Pyzer What a perfect way to welcome in the New Year. The ice and snow conditions are absolutely perfect across almost all of Northern Ontario and the fish – especially the big, plump, jumbo yellow perch – are biting like crazy.     While well known waters like Lake Nipissing, Lake Nosbonsing, Lac […]

5 TIPS for finding a Canadian Walleye Fishing Factory

If you’re awalleye fisherman there’s a good chance your dream trip is finding a Canadian lake where you can catch one walleye after another until your arms get sore. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself or heard stories about a lake so full of walleye that it’s a surprise when your jig actually makes it to […]

When Chasing Trophy Pike…think BIG

One thing I’ve learned over the course of 20-years chasing trophy pike is the best fishing water all have one ingredient incommon…. they are all huge. Big water isn’t a requirement for catching trophy pike, not by a long shot. Smaller lakes and rivers will produce trophies every year. But, what I’m talking about is […]

Ontario Offers Amazing Variety of Trophy Fishing

If I could only fish one province of Canada for the rest of my life…I’d have to choose Ontario. For starters, it hands down has the best smallmouth bass and muskie fishing in Canada and arguably in the world. The walleye fishing is amazing in sheer numbers of fish, especially in Northwest Ontario which is […]