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Canadian Fishing and Hunting Adventures

Canadian Fishing and Hunting Adventures

What makes planning a Canadian adventure so challenging is the incredible array of lodges and outfitters that are available. Choosing a Caribbean vacation is pretty simple; find a great sand beach, avoid hurricane season, book accommodations that fit your budget and you’re all set. If you’re a golfer, just look for a nice resort with a course that fits your level of play.

If only it were that easy for anglers and hunters…lakes and hunting grounds are like fingerprints, every one is entirely unique. The best walleye lakes are typically small lakes in river systems. The best pike fisheries are large shallow lakes with little current. In many cases the bigger the lake the better the pike fishing, but that doesn’t always hold true.

Often hunting in Canada is the same, moose like a very specific habitat – dense boreal forests full of bogs, weed-beds and muddy flats. Whitetails prefer open farmland with enough woodland to hold them through the brutal winters of Canada.

While the differences are subtle from one destination to another, the decisions you make largely affects the success of your fishing or hunting trip. This is why Fishulo is such a valuable resource…not only are we familiar with the lodges, resorts and the owners, but we are also familiar with the lakes, rivers and hunting grounds. We’d like nothing more than to use our expertise to find the ideal destination for your next adventure!

So…Grab your gear!

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