Ontario Offers Amazing Variety of Trophy Fishing

Ontario Lodge

Ontario Lodge

If I could only fish one province of Canada for the rest of my life…I’d have to choose Ontario. For starters, it hands down has the best smallmouth bass and muskie fishing in Canada and arguably in the world. The walleye fishing is amazing in sheer numbers of fish, especially in Northwest Ontario which is literally a walleye factory.

For northern pike Ontario probably doesn’t offer the trophy opportunities of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, but does offer the best drive-in pike fishing found anywhere and many of the larger fly-in lakes in the far north are world class. If you time your trip for the early and late season trophies can be caught on most lakes.

The rivers feeding into Hudson’s Bay offer brook trout fishing where they are measured in pounds not inches. These trips are still done the old way, by hiring a pilot to fly you, your camping equipment and canoe into the wilderness. Those with the courage to take such an adventure will be rewarded with a world-class fishing experience.

And, if your passion is lake trout Ontario has many cold, deep water lakes that offer exceptional fishing in May and October where catching your limit is easily done.

I’m glad I don’t have to choose a single province to fish the rest of my life because Canada offers world-class fishing opportunities from end-to-end and from top-to-bottom. If you are thinking of planning a Canadian Adventure complete our adventure match and together we’ll find the perfect place.

So get ready to…Grab Your Gear!

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